Diabetes: Risks and Support

Those who suffer from diabetes – the sugar disease – are impaired in their insulin functioning. Either the insulin is no longer able to transport blood glucose to the cells, or the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin. In both cases, blood sugar gets off track. It is often possible to counter diabetes by adopting a healthier lifestyle, getting the patient's blood sugar back on track.

The Risk of Hypoglycemia

But especially when medications become necessary to help control a patient’s blood glucose level, the patient faces an elevated risk of hypoglycemia. This is the most common side effect of insulin treatment. The process is fast, and often goes unnoticed by the diabetic patient: Suddenly there is excess insulin in the blood, and blood sugar is transported to the cells with excessive zeal. As a result, the level in the patient’s blood drops dangerously low. But once the brain stops receiving enough sugar, glucose is needed as soon as possible.

First Eat, Then Measure

All of this means that the top priority whenever even the slightest sign of low blood sugar arises is not to measure the sugar level, but to take action right away – preferably by consuming carbohydrates in their purest form, glucose. This specific form is the best choice when help is needed right away, since glucose travels very quickly to where it is needed. Glucose tablets for diabetics is made of pure glucose and it passes fully into the blood right away, alleviating acute low blood sugar in seconds.

Glucorade as the First-Choice Remedy

All diabetics should carry Glucorade tablets in their purse or pocket and have some ready on their nightstand as well: Glucorade shots, within reach at the first sign of hypoglycaemia is necessary. Glucorade shots is specifically designed glucose tablets to handle low blood sugar. Each Glucose tablets for diabetics is made up of precise quantity of glucose. So you are in control of the amount of glucose intake and at the same time provide immediate relief. Glucorade Shots is a boon to the diabetics to treat hypoglycemia quickly and effectively.