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Glucorade is a glucose energy concentrate that is available in form of beverage mix and also as a easy to use tablets (instant energy lozenges)

Glucorade Energy Concentrate

Get a jump start on your day by filling up with the extra energy of Glucorade energy drink. Enriched with Vitamin-D and Calcium for easy assimilation and quick replenishment of essential vitamins, minerals and body salts, Glucorade is a ready source of energy to fight tiredness. It refreshes you instantly.

Besides helping in quick recovery of energy lost due to fatigue, Glucorade also provides essential nutrients that refresh and energizes you to fight tiredness and fatigue caused by summer heat. Extremely good for growing children and athletes, Glucorade also helps in all-round development of kids.

Glucose Shots

Glucose Shots are Glucose based tablets that resupplies fuel level before training, to prepare your muscles for action or in midst of a competition. Its formulation is based on years of research and feedback from some of the world's top academic and practicing experts in the field of medicine. Unlike sports drink, Glucose shots are easy to carry and does not require any water. Glucose shots are excellent nutrient supplement during hospitalization, pregnancy and in case of hypoglycemia.It also supplies extra energy to children during Exams and Sports. It also helps you fight against fatigue and tiredness caused by the blazing summer heat.

Four important components of Glucorade are :

  • Optimum Effectiveness
  • Easy Digestibility
  • Convenience
  • Great taste

Glucose shots comes in 6 yummy flavours :

glucose shots orange Tangy Orange

glucose shots ice-mintRefreshing Icy Mint

glucose shots mangoAlphonso Mango

glucose shots mixed-fruitMixed fruit

glucose shots strawberryWild Strawberry

glucose shots lemonLemon


Glucose Shots
Glucose Shots

Glucose shots that is available in form of drink and tablets. Multi flavoured glucose candies for Low sugar, instant energy.

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